Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Week 3: 6/25-6/28

40 minutes on the bike
I'm feeling stronger and more confident on the bike. I need to start training for some hills, since the race course is not going to be nearly as flat as the bike trail here... but in the meantime I'm hoping that the rocky path and the headwind are giving me enough resistance to work up to that.

25 min beach run
I increased my run by 5 minutes this time and had some hip flexor pain the last 5 minutes or so. I think there really is something in the saying that it's your joints, more than your muscles, that need to slowly adjust to increased use.

35 minutes on exercise bike
I was still so sore from the rough ride over rough rode on Wednesday that I couldn't get back in the saddle again ;0 So I had to settle for the indoor bike.

1 hour at pool, a few laps, some floating drills
Went to the local outdoor pool while I was visiting my mom. She is the one who inspired me to do my first triathlon :) She had some good pointers - she told me that she thinks of her full leg kick as "kicking with her butt." Sounds kinda silly, but it moved me from a non-propulsive kick (had been moving toward the wall I came from while floating) to a propulsive kick. Yea! Somehow "imagine your leg as a supple pendulum" hadn't helped me imagine enough movement in my hips. It's hard to imagine anything more fun for swim training than a hot, sunny day, a cool pool and an encouraging swim partner.

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