Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Week 4: 6/30-7/5

30 minutes in the pool
I was visiting a friend on Monday and the weather was very hot (90-100). Due to circumstances it wasn't easy to get a lot of time for training, however we were able to use a backyard pool for a little while. It wasn't really big enough to do laps, although I did practice some freestyle... focusing on effortlessness, alternate breathing, swimming "down hill." I am finding that the down hill swimming position completely changes what I can see while in the water. Suddenly all I can see is inside the pool and that makes me claustrophobic for some reason. I am going to work on that gradually till I can get used to it.

Also had some time to continue to practise floating on my back. At this point it is starting to feel much more relaxing. My hips and legs aren't sinking all the time. However, my kick is still not strong enough or refined enough to take me more than about 5-10 yards at a time.

No training - wait, does chasing a toddler count?

No training - okay, okay, I feel bad about slacking, but after all the travel I was just exhausted. I fell asleep during our 7 hour drive today, and took a 2 hour nap as soon as we got home.

25 minute run
Could someone tell me how it is possible for a 25 minute run to be twice as long as a 20 minute run?

30 minutes on bike
Mr. M helped me correctly inflate my tires and I also adjusted the bicycle seat so that it is further back (just loosened it and slid it back on the rails on the bottom of the saddle). I'm not sure if it is all in my head, but the ride seemed much faster and more comfortable :)

30 minutes walk/hike
We hiked out to the Cape D lighthouse and then later walked down to the grocery store from our house. Not intense training, but I hope to get back in the groove next week.

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