Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Week 4 (again): 7/7-7/12

I have time to redo week 4 of my training schedule and it seems like a good idea since vacation scrambled things before. Here we go... again...

AM: swim - 20 lengths
I didn't swim the lengths consecutively, I followed my resolution to take my time to think about my process, rather than struggle. Some laps I did an open turn, but most I stopped and caught my breath. As I swam I thought about: swimming effortlessly, rotating to air instead of raising my head, swimming "downhill," gliding, and core body rotation. In retrospect I need to pick one or two things per session and really nail them down, but it is interesting to see how much a new mental frame for an activity can change how you physically perform it.

Also had time to continue working on lesson one of total immersion. Still can't get more than 7-8 yards, but was able to start trying to rotate my left shoulder out of the water. The different position should help develop a more refined kick as gravity no longer encourages so much bending at the knee. Over all, feeling much more supported and relaxed in the water. I actually didn't want to quit my swim workout today!

PM: bike, 40 minutes
My plan was actually not to do anything more today. However Mr. M really wanted to bike with me and I hate to pass up a chance like that. So off we went into the evening sunshine. I was doing OK until my bike seat came loose and wouldn't maintain its horizontal position anymore... so the ride home was basically all standing up on the pedals. Hello blistered hands and tired legs... endurance must be improving though, I was more frustrated to have my recreational bike with Mr. M interrupted than I was in actual physical pain.

I earned myself an extra rest day and I'm taking it. Very, very tired... but not as sore as might have been predicted.

Walked to the post office today (20 minute walk). RD.

28 lengths
Did lengths in pairs today. At this point, more than 50 yards without a breather is difficult. Breakthrough - realized that kicking too much was what was tiring me most as I was swimming. As I focused more on keeping my head "down" and passing through the smallest hole in the water my hips really came up. I had to be careful not to really splash while kicking. The solution is probably to kick less at the knee and more at the hip. Fewer, more powerful kicks.

I counted strokes and was doing a lap in 18 strokes.

Also was able to do two lengths of the pool rotating a "dry shoulder" out of the pool, so the side position has really helped me with my kick. Balanced body position in the water is making floating basically effortless, but I worry about hitting the side of the pool (no warning flags or anything) so I also tried extending an arm above my head as I went. Yeah! I'm getting it!

Sick and traveling. Not sure if the cold was brought on by the intensity of my training this week or just the stress + travel. Yuck.

Sick and traveling again.

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