Sunday, July 27, 2008

Base 2

Well, week 6 marked the first real week of my base 2 training phase. I wasn't sure I was ready, but I hope my survival means that will be able to handle week 7... which is only five minutes more of training than week 6 BUT includes my first brick and my first 40 minute swim.
Ah, and the swim fins - I thought I'd mention that I got these when I was panicking about being a "sinker." The first time I used them I was surprised by how heavy they felt, although it took many fewer kicks to cross the pool. After that, I wasn't so interested. They may yet come in handy when I am more proficient at my floating exercises and want to focus in on my arm movement drills. Right now though I'm going to let them sit and focus on actual swimming. My body position problem is slowly fixing itself with practise and I don't want to invest the time to relearn it with giant fins on my feet.

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