Thursday, July 17, 2008

Week 5: 7/14-7/19

Felt weak and yucky. No exercise.

A just for fun swim in the lake and a little walk.

40 min on exercise bike. Moderate intervals. Heart rate in the low 130's.

20 min run. Feeling human again.

24 lengths in the pool. Watched the time and that was about 25 minutes. Still a little behind building my swim time, but making progress. Today I was able to do 4 lengths without a prolonged breathing break. Even managed 6 lengths once I think. The pool was very quiet today and by the end I had the entire pool to myself to try my floating exercises. I was able to do 4 lengths floating on my back and side. I'm not getting my hand out of the water (more like from shoulder to forearm). Now when I float don't feel that I am in danger of sinking, but I do find that water washes over my face and up my nose as I try to adjust myself to get my hand out of the water. It is much easier without the waves from other swimmers though. I also need to work on my turns...

66 minute bike. Strong wind made for a challenging ride. It felt long...

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