Sunday, July 27, 2008

Week 7: 7/28-8/2

21 laps, 40 minutes
Today I needed a mental boost. After swimming 9 laps only 2 laps at a time, I was wondering how I was going to make it through the race, so I thought I would give it a go and just do 10 laps as continuously as possible... and I did it! My open turn is sloppy since I'm still taking time to sputter and snort before pushing of... but I did it! Today I also got to share half the pool with 4 other swimmers, so I got some practise navigating better and compensating for other people's waves. I also managed to figure out something on the swallowing/coughing/gulping front. Probably not much happened in terms of technical proficiency today, but it was thrilling to be in the groove and just go, go, go. In all the excitement, the workout did stretch to 40 minutes -10 minutes longer than planned - but I'll just swap it with my Thursday swim which was supposed to be 40 minutes.

45 minute bike
Rain and wind, a slog.

30 minute run
That was supposed to be a 25 minute run, but I apparently lose my ability to read an analog watch when oxygen deprived. My pace feels much quicker and more natural now, although 30 minutes was pushing my stamina limits.

17 laps, 30 minutes
Started with one warm-up lap, then a set of 10 laps in 14 minutes, then another set of 5 laps, then one lap counting strokes. Tired today after being up until 1:30 last night (insomnia). Hope I can wind down eventually. Tomorrow: the big brick!

25 minutes stationary bike
Due to travel didn't have an opportunity to run or brick... substituted bike instead.

Brick 45/15
My first brick and I had a chance to do it with my mom :) I was a little concerned about the hills, but using my mom's bike (lots of gears) it was okay. We went about 8 miles across town to the trail then ran down military hill and back up.

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