Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Week 2: 6/9-6/14

I really, really wanted to keep up with my training schedule, but it wasn't meant to be today. There was a point where I took 4 ibuprofen within 20 minutes. Ouch.

Did one hour on my stationary bike at moderate intervals. I'm feeling stronger.
Part of the reason I stayed inside today was the weather: it is just miserable around here for June - temps in the 50's and constantly blowing rain. I might have been tempted to go out and play tough, but after the cramps yesterday I wanted to be close to home.

I ran for 20 minutes on the beach. It was a little bit painful (slightly achy hip and a little bit of a side stitch), but not bad considering how I felt on Monday.

35 minutes biking on the trail.

20 minutes in the pool, attempting "lesson one" from the total immersion program. I used most of that time figuring out how to correctly position my head while floating on my back. Ultimately I found that for correct posture I didn't think of "being pulled from the top of my head" so much as feeling the entire length of my spine and slightly tucking my chin... I think in a lot of ways the total immersion book is vague about body posture for the drills, BUT the total immersion web sight has very helpful forum where experts are willing to trouble-shoot problems and answer questions. I found several entries there where spine posture was explored much more in-depth.
So maybe I won't turn out to be a "sinker" after all. Only time will tell!

No training - car trip to Utah

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