Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Week 9: 8/11-8/16

45 minute bike
Got home in the dark after a long day (driving/flying/doctor's office/driving). Too late for anything but the inside exercise bike. Set the resistance all the way up (for the first time) and did short intervals. Felt like a workout, although I know it's not quite the real thing.

30 minute run
Missed the tide and ran on the trail. For the first time had several side pains while running. Not sure if this is the trail, the timing, or just a body thing. About half-way they toned down, but never completely faded. Also noticed I am feeling the shins and right hip when running on the hard surface. Overall though felt strong, especially near the end of the run.

40 minute swim
Rather slow going today, got the outside lane which has the pool stairs preventing an easy turn at one end. Also was sharing with several people so had to keep an eye out while swimming and turning. The lack of lane markers keeps me on my toes. Overall did 24 laps (1 warm up, 9 laps, 13 laps, 1 cool down). I am noticing I feel my lower back when I swim longer distances... I think my kick needs refining... or maybe just need to develop more core body strength.

55/20 brick
This is the first brick that kicked my butt. I did manage to finish, but my legs were jelly at the start of the bike and the start of the run. One good thing - I am finding that if I eat fruit (just fruit, no dairy, no bread) before exercising I avoid the acid reflux thing. When I got home I ate a bowl of cereal while cooking up some whole-wheat buttermilk blueberry pancakes. Hard to remember the last time food tasted so good!

30 min swim, 23 laps (warm up,9,13... I think)

35 minute run
I can run that long if I run v e r y s l o w l y. After the long weak it was more full body fatigue than being out of breath.

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