Monday, August 4, 2008

Week 8:4/8-9/8

30 minute swim
Hard to get up this morning, but felt good in the water. Did a warm up lap, 10 laps (15 minutes), then another 9 or so laps in 1's-2's-3's. As I focus on tucking my chin and kicking with my whole leg I felt very relaxed and smooth, I just have trouble focusing enough to do both at the same time.

40 minute bike
First time using my new cycling shorts. I must say that the padding does improve the ride.

20 minute run
A nice easy run in the morning sunshine on the Washington State University campus extension in Vancouver. After the sand, a paved trail feels fast.

45/15 brick
Brick went fine, but did need to change into cooler clothes between the bike and run. I do need to do a run through with the clothing changes so I have it planned out for the race. Also need to remember to bike early to avoid the dog walkers and families with small children - I don't want to run anyone over on the trail.

30 minute swim
Once again, had the hardest time getting up, but a good time in the water. Did 22 laps - one warm up, 2 sets of 10 and a cool down. I think my first 10 were done in about 13 minutes.

Unplanned rest day. RD.

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