Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Week of April 6th

Monday: Simulated swim - exercise bike 20 minutes. Hardest intervals. 20 minutes basic Pilates. I know this falls short of actually swimming. However, the 20 minutes on the bike pushes my aerobic endurance and the Pilates gives me some arm, back and abdominal work. My plan is to ramp up this combination until I can afford to swim again.

Tuesday: Jogging. 5 minute warm-up. 20 minute slow jog on beach. 5 minute cool-down. Left hip hurt like crazy for the last 10 minutes, but felt fine as soon as I stopped running. A little bit amazed that I got myself to run again.

Wednesday: Exercise bike. 30 minutes. Moderate intervals.

Thursday: Walking. 20 minutes. A light day.

Friday: Hiking 90 minutes. Walking 20 minutes. Moderate.

This was spring break, so I was busy and exercise took a back seat to other things.

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