Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Fresh Start

Well, there has been some exercise here since the great triathlon of 08, but not enough. The usual things came up... change in schedule made it hard to get to the pool, a steady stream of low grade colds... bla, bla, bla. But spring is here and I'm ready for a fresh go at things. Here are some thoughts that I'm working into goals right now...

1. Multi-vitamin every day. I want to eat in a healthy way since I know that is optimal for getting nutrients, but with seasonal availability of fruit and veggies I want to know that I'm getting iron and calcium on a regular basis.

2. Healthy eating goal 1: more whole grains. I'm finding ways to eat whole grains that I LIKE. Popcorn, brown/wild rice, 1/2 whole wheat bread. I think my goal will be making 1/2 of my grain servings a day whole grains (as recommended by the US government).

3. Healthy eating goal 2: understand blood sugar better. I tend to eat frequently because I get hungry and cranky. Probably a sign that blood sugar is fluctuating too much. I want to study up on what foods and combinations of foods will keep me going though the day.

4. More exercise. I want to gradually work up to running again. I think I'm going to follow this 5k training plan and intersperse exercise bike, pilates and swimming (?) in the off days.

5. Preventative medicine. You know, all that stuff about seeing doctors once a year. Its finally sinking in that "I don't eat McDonald's every day and I'm young" is probably not an panacea. (See mom, it did go in... but apparently advice like that is a time bomb that only goes off once the recipient sees large numbers on her birthday cake...)

These goals are going going to be revised somewhat as I get going. Eventually I will put a time on how much I want to exercise per week, and look at how to implement what I learn about blood sugar, but this is a start!

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