Monday, September 1, 2008

Week 12: 9/1-9/6 Taper

45 min bike
Biked the race route and came in 15 min faster than expected. Woot! Had overestimated distance (should have translated from km... but didn't) and underestimated speed.... although I was laying it on. Also previewed the foot section of the race by car. Lots of hills. Yuck. But at least no surprises race day.

Rest day

29 minute swim (Laps:1,10,6)
I was so tired I felt like I had forgotten how to swim... I was running into the walls and trying to remember how to work my arms. Yuck.

49 minute bike
Still dead tired. Bike time went over because of headwind coming home.

Thursday (travel to race location)
Micro-brick: wanted to give the gear a last test and make sure the race tires were properly inflated so biked down to the bike shop and back then jogged one (1) block and back home.


Race! (yeah, I know Triathlons are usually on Sunday, but not this one.) Details about the big day are in a separate post ;)

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